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    Yo everybody, where do I start? My name is Valentina, feel free to call me VaL. I am currently 20y old and I am from Greece. I've been to many gaming communities,and proudly also carried the admin title in some of them, but all theese years in the end they were all closing due to conflicts or low budget. I've had my fun and I always like to be a part of something.I found you guys on reddit,usually I only join when I have a friend already in,so I hope you guys are worth it. I am playing FPS games,no moba's and rarely rpg's. Main game L4D2,I am a caster in that games won tones of tournaments and participated on every competitive thing there is. Also playing PUBG,and CS:GO ( rank MG1 in 300h) All my teenage years I grew up with COD, so I am obssesed with quickscoping.. Well....at least.. I Was. I don't play it a lot anymore tho,although I don't wanna admit it, this game is kind of dead. ( I still join once in a while to rekt noobs tho ) What else you wanna know? Feel free to ask. I didn't read any introductions yet but that's the stuff we usually write in here right? My hobbies are not something special, I love kickboxing,pool,video-games and composing, since I am a musician, What is wrong with me? Right, I am a musician I play Bass guitar,kontrabass and piano, I also sing but everybody sings nowdays. I guess that's all? OH I ALMOST FORGOT! I stream every day boys and girls, this is my Twitch channel,every follow or whatever is very very very apreciated you have NO idea!! ^^ I started streaming roughly 2-3 months now, so yeah. Hope to see you around soon. I officially welcome my self. May the force be with you,(not the police one 😉 )