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First Comp of 2019! Steam Money Prize!

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Would like to welcome every one weather you are new here or old, To the first comp of 2019.

We are in the process of recruiting more members and players to the community, so why not make a competition with the current members.
First of lets talk about the prize because its not a competition if you don't win something and its not a good one if you don't get something good right?

So we have $50 AUD Steam money to who ever wins this comp... ooooooh exciting cash money 😮  (If you are from another country it will be $50 worth of money converted to your currency!)

The aim of the game is to try bring as many new players to the community as you can though its abit more complicated than that! The new players / members must create an account here on the website following the correct terms and conditions. Once they have created an account they must go to the  Recruitment section and fill out the "-|TSP|- Recruitment Application" to join TSP

The most crucial part to this comp is on that application there is a section for "Referred By:" this must be done other wise that user will not count towards your score. (Please make sure you yourself have an account otherwise they will not be able to select which member referred them!)


  • No Admins & Mods allowed to enter
  • Members must still be a member on the site and in discord throughout the competition if they leave  - 1 on your score
  • No poaching members from other community's
  • No Spamming
  • All Recruited people must follow the recruitment application (There are certain things you must do before you apply)

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