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  2. Yeah how's it going I'm Sloth I'm a bit of a hectic dog not gonna lie and I'm here and there on the discord chilling on various games like Civ 5, GMod or Minecraft. Feel free to say hi because I'm a beautiful person. Anyways catch ya around foo. Your's Truly, Jesus "Sloth" Christ
  3. VaL

    Fresh fish.

    Yo everybody, where do I start? My name is Valentina, feel free to call me VaL. I am currently 20y old and I am from Greece. I've been to many gaming communities,and proudly also carried the admin title in some of them, but all theese years in the end they were all closing due to conflicts or low budget. I've had my fun and I always like to be a part of something.I found you guys on reddit,usually I only join when I have a friend already in,so I hope you guys are worth it. I am playing FPS games,no moba's and rarely rpg's. Main game L4D2,I am a caster in that games won tones of tournaments and participated on every competitive thing there is. Also playing PUBG,and CS:GO ( rank MG1 in 300h) All my teenage years I grew up with COD, so I am obssesed with quickscoping.. Well....at least.. I Was. I don't play it a lot anymore tho,although I don't wanna admit it, this game is kind of dead. ( I still join once in a while to rekt noobs tho ) What else you wanna know? Feel free to ask. I didn't read any introductions yet but that's the stuff we usually write in here right? My hobbies are not something special, I love kickboxing,pool,video-games and composing, since I am a musician, What is wrong with me? Right, I am a musician I play Bass guitar,kontrabass and piano, I also sing but everybody sings nowdays. I guess that's all? OH I ALMOST FORGOT! I stream every day boys and girls, this is my Twitch channel,every follow or whatever is very very very apreciated you have NO idea!! ^^ I started streaming roughly 2-3 months now, so yeah. Hope to see you around soon. I officially welcome my self. May the force be with you,(not the police one 😉 )
  4. Lightsurge


    Hiya all! I am Lightsurge I like games and food and everything else really , you want to know anything about pokemon i am your man 🙂
  5. Omerta7z


    What's up everyone, My name is Omerta from USA. I play all sorts of games when I have time to. You can hit me up on discord or on Xbox. GT Omerta7z.
  6. Monkeyworm


    Hello! My name is Monkeyworm, but you can just call me Monkey. I'm 15, and play games for fun. I'm willing to play any game if I own it, and will suck at it with you. I hope to meet all of you. GLHF 🙂
  7. Greeds


    Hey ! My name is Jules, I'm 21 and live in France. I am the kind of person that does a ton of things to entertain himself, from making music to gaming, obviously. I'm currently studying I.T. in university and planning to work in game development. About the games I play, I tend to play card games like Hearthstone or Gwent a lot. I also play RPGs (Divinity 2), 4-X (Civilization V) and more competitive games (Rocket League, Overwatch) at a very low skill level. I also like playing retro games and overmodding bethesda games. Most of my free time is spent doing nothing constructive on my computer while being on Discord though so feel free to come and talk. 😄
  8. Syrin

    Hi im Syrin

    hello I'm from Western Australia if you run into me on discord I like talking some shit and having a laugh with anyone that joins feel free to have a laugh and talk some smack with me I'm pre chill
  9. Eggy995


    Yeah nah hows it going im Eggy. I do some pretty sick shit being me. Im here and there on discord. I play a heap of different games, what i play depends on what i feel like. Anyway ive seen alot of you on discord and talked to a couple of yas already anyway P.S. DO YOU KNOW DE WEY?
  10. Marlinna


    Hi I'm Marlinna. My real name is Rose and I'm 18. Bitcrusher is right these things are hard. Um I've been gaming for 4(ish) years now. I started out with World of Warcraft and have been playing more and more games. I'm always open to game suggestions but remember I'm broke af. I'm always done to chill in discord and play something just flick me a message 🙂
  11. Bitcrusher


    Hello, I am Bitcrusher owner and founder of The Stealth Pancakes gaming community! My real name is Michael and i'm 22 male from Australia, These sort of things are hard to type out haha. Well i was studying a diploma in I.T which i pretty much finished but decided i didn't want to take up a career in and thought it was a good idea not to finish. (Thinking now that was silly but you live and you learn) Currently interested in being a sparky done plenty of work in that field and it would be something id be interested in long term. I have been around technology since a very young age, from 12 years old messing around with computers to building my own at 14. Ever since than i have found it enjoyable tinkering with computers and such hardware. Playing games in my spare time is also wonderful and you will see me around the Forum and or Discord talking rubbish most the time, (don't be surprised if i have been drinking) cause when i'm not gaming i'm doing other things on the pc so i tend to be active so don't be afraid to hit me up for a chat 😛
  12. Bitcrusher

    Recruitment Information

    So you would like to join the -|TSP|- group!? We are glad you are here. There are a few small things you need to do before you are able to apply. Created an account here at TSP-Games.com Joined Discord Connect Discord account with website account Joined Steam Group Once the above steps are complete you will be able to go to the "Recruitment" tab on the menu, (Only shows to logged in users) there will be an application you can fill out called "-|TSP|- Recruitment Application". When you complete the application it will be sent to the Admins and Moderators to review. Once reviewed we will be in touch with you.
  13. Bitcrusher


    Admin = Yellow/Gold Moderator = Bright Green Server Admin = Dark Green TSP Member = Red Registered Member = White (We also have specific country roles that can be assigned to you in Discord using the following commands in any of the text channels within {server.name} discord!: !usa !australia !canada !china !europe !france !italy !japan !netherlands !newzealand !russia !unitedkingdom These are used to help find players close to your location!)
  14. Bitcrusher

    Current Admin & Moderators

    Admin/s: @Bitcrusher#9171 @Omerta7z#6573 Moderator/s: @Monkeyworm ツ#5087 @Marlinna#4793 @Messyyolk#1919 @Ser Egg#2970
  15. Bitcrusher


    No cheating / hacking on -|TSP|- servers or any other servers. ( We don't like cheaters) Please don't spam Discord channels and or Forum. Be respectful of other members and players. (If any issues please get into contact with an Admin or Moderator so we can resolve the issue quickly) No advertising other Community's / Clans on our forum or discord Help out others where you can Have fun, invite friends and meet new people!
  16. Bitcrusher

    Welcome to Pages

    Welcome to Pages! Pages extends your site with custom content management designed especially for communities. Create brand new sections of your community using features like blocks, databases and articles, pulling in data from other areas of your community. Create custom pages in your community using our drag'n'drop, WYSIWYG editor. Build blocks that pull in all kinds of data from throughout your community to create dynamic pages, or use one of the ready-made widgets we include with the Invision Community. View our Pages documentation
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